Private Equity

Partner - Buy it - Implement - Grow

Our Approach

We create lasting relationships and positive impact.

Huma Holding is a value-orientated Private Equity Firm involved in business mergers and acquisitions. We seek to enhance business performance to create positive economic impact and create value for our investors, portfolio companies and society through innovation, efficient management, and awareness.

Our interests span companies with predictable impact; value to investors and society impact in the northern areas such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania in value-orientated private companies, to around the world in established publicly traded companies. 

We help companies realize unidentified opportunities to further their potential for growth. Value is discovered by identifying great companies and maximizing their performance by providing training or adding a strong management team and innovative systems. Our strategy allows our portfolio companies to grow by creating more revenue streams, produce positive net-income, make acquisitions, acquire technology for greater efficiency, increase labor force and create brand awareness and loyalty to achieve their long term goal while creating value for its shareholders, lenders and surrounding society. 

Doing more than just making positive returns for our investors, we seek to make the companies we invest in and acquire, stronger, more efficient and valuable by making them into a much larger company by implementing valuable growth strategies from our expertise; acquire assets and/or merging assets, forming strategic partnerships, establish global awareness, authority, customer loyalty, and enhance net-income while creating economic impact. 

Global Reach

Expert innovation operationalizes effective management resulting in positive returns and impact.

Beyond our core philosophy, our access to a vast network of long established experts within our target industries, ultimately inspires value creation which positively impact our investments and the economy, as we analyze and utilize data to design growth strategies to improve management. Our core belief, that through effective management, global awareness and capitalizing on untapped opportunities, returns can be and/or become positive and increasingly favorable.

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Innovation through collaboration influences growth, while awareness creates a positive impact.
— Orane Carby - Venture Capitalist
Our Philosophy

The Foundation of Huma



Discovering a great company, we partner with leading experts within that industry to leverage resources; knowledge from decades of experiences. Forging meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships, we design innovative growth strategies to add value to the company to create a positive impact through effective management and systems.  


Buy it

We buy the company with the deployment of our financial acquisition strategy LBO, with capital raised from our noble shareholders, investors and lenders under favorable and mutually beneficial terms to add, create and return value in the form of investment income, interest, etc.



Creating our innovative growth strategy through collaboration with experts, we implement it by adding, promoting and/or training management team and staff, adding systems and processes, tasks, designed to add value to the company thus creating a positive impact for our company, society, lenders and investors. 



Innovate systems and processes, with training that utilizes decades of experience from industry experts through collaboration, enhances revenue and company value through acquisitions, technology, strategic partnerships, increasing labor force, etc. while creating economic impact.

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