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Huma Holding Acquires Solid Charmer

Bensalem, Pennsylvania April 1, 2020 – Huma Holding LLC, a Mergers and Acquisition Firm announced today that it has acquired Solid Charmer, an online beauty retailer. 

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Huma Holding Doubles Assets Under Management

PENNSYLVANIA, March 31, 2020 – Huma Holding LLC, a Mergers and Acquisition Firm based in Pennsylvania, today announced that it has doubled its Asset Under Management (“AUM”), hitting $4.5M AUM. 

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Huma Holding to Develop a Fixed Income Real Estate Firm

Philadelphia March 28, 2020 – Huma Holding, a Philadelphia Private Equity Firm with $1.9M in AUM (“Assets Under Management”), today has announced the development of a Fixed Income Real Estate Firm. The newly developed firm will be a subsidiary of the company and will acquire the name, Huma Realty Investments. 

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Which Business to Invest in | Top 5 Businesses to Invest in

Market trends are constantly changing, depending on the needs of society and the new problems that arise in it. However, there are industries known as evergreen, which satisfy an INTRINSIC need of the human being. This means that, no matter how much time progresses, those same needs and problems will be present in our lives and our society.

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How to Get a Business Acquisition Loan | Loan Underwriting

Underwriting is a process linked to the acquisition of business since we could consider it a form of financing for the initial stage, which has 2 variants:

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Money to buy a Business | Where to Find Capital to buy a business

Buying a company may have fewer risks than starting one from scratch, also, the time invested is much less and you would start with a reputation, something you would have to build over time if you decide to set up an SME.

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What is Private Capital? | All you need to know

Private capital (or private equity funds), are investment funds that invest and acquire shares in private companies, usually companies that are in high growth stages.

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