Our Approach

We specialize in the acquisition of income-producing assets in the Northern Area and Financial Securities Globally.

We expect a positive impact on our society and investors by adding value to our acquisitions while generating positive returns in the form of investment income, including dividends, rental income, interest, etc.
Our Approach

Acquiring income-producing assets with positive cashflow

Our Philosophy

Adding value to our investments through innovation, creativity and awareness while positively impacting our society, and investors

Our Services

Rethinking economic growth through innovative management, mergers, and acquisitions

Innovation through collaboration influences growth, while awareness creates a positive impact.
Orane Carby - Venture Capitalist

Investment Portfolio

  • All
  • Agriculture
  • EdTech
  • Energy
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
The Team

Meet the Team

Matt Foley

Research & Business Analyst

Orane Carby


Cary Sue


Jane Doe

Director of Strategy
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